About PMtech Company


PMtech is an engineering company operating at all stages of the infrastructure and industrial facilities vital cycle. Currently, the company is constantly engaged in the search and development of new approaches in the implementation of capital construction projects, reconstruction, as well as information support services. The company participates in the implementation of large-scale projects of capital construction and reconstruction of technological production, as well as provides a range of services for information support of their operation, works in partnership with large Russian and Western developers and design organizations.

Since June 14, 2017, our company has been operating in the market of services for design and construction management services.
We have 4 offices: 2 in Minsk, one in Brest and Gomel

The company supports the modern process of implementing a construction project based on LEAN CONSTRUCTION – “Just in time” and with “Lowest Cost”

Our mission is to provide the best quality engineering services using the latest technologies aimed at solving customer problems through training, development and caring for employees, as the main value of the company

Our company successfully uses the BIM implements, project management and planning based on various software products, as follows: Autodesk Revit,  Autodesk BIM360, Autodesk 3D Max, Autodesk Navisworks, Tekla Structures, Oracle Primavera and etc

PMtech Establishment

Signing of the first contract for the provision of services in the field of BIM-modeling

Signing of an agreement on the development of the BIM information model of the Moscow metro station

Signing of the first contract with a resident of the European Union

Accreditation and conclusion of the first contract for the provision of services in the field of BIM-modeling in Moscow, Russian Federation

Opening of the offices in Brest and Gomel

The company employs 60 specialists. We concluded the agreement on the interaction of the BSTU with the organization for the distribution of students after studying at university. On the basis of BSTU, the company’s specialists began a training course on the basics of information modeling in the Tekla Structures complex

Residence at HTP

The company employs 100 specialists

Lead Team
Deputy Director for Financial affairs
Deputy Director for Technical Issues
Deputy Director for Commercial Affairs
Our employees