Our projects

Development of the 3D model “As designed” subway station in Moscow

BIM-design was performed, spatial conflicts were identified in the working documentation for all design disciplines (LOD 300-400, 90 sections of working documentation) in order to reduce temporary downtime at the construction stage of the facility by improving the quality of the working documentation produced at the design stage.

3D-model of the chemical and metallurgical workshop on the basis of 2D documentation

The BIM model “As Designed” was developed with filling in the attributes for the “chemical and metallurgical workshop” object based on 2D documentation issued by the design organization. 3D model was completed with filling in the attributes in the sections of the design documentation MS1, MS1, MS3, PS2 and MS4.

Calendar-network project planning (4D BIM)

A well-formed schedule is a key element of project management. The quality of network planning and model is determined by the following factors:

  • how accurately does it show how deviations from the plan that arise during the implementation of the project affect the rest of the project;
  •  how clearly does it give an idea of ​​what control actions will help maintain control of the project when the project goes beyond the permissible limits.

BIM-design Kindergarten

Designing of residential and public buildings begins with an assessment of the future complex and creating 3D BIM model. It is important for specialists to know not only the future parameters of the facility (location, climatic conditions of the terrain, especially surrounding areas), but also the scale of the project and the desired construction time. The direct design of the building’s interior begins with the development of a functional diagram that takes into account: purpose of construction, the layout of the interior,  functional relationships are established between rooms both in a vertical plane (between floors) and in a horizontal plane.

Strucrural Design (Tekla BIM)

During the development of the design of the metal structures flyovers for technological pipelines, a certain procedure was followed: determining the type of flyover depending on the overall layout and the standard vertical load on the running meter of the flyover, drawing up wiring diagrams of the flyover. During the 3D BIM-design, climatic effects on the metal were taken into account, and the safety calculations were performed.

Design of a 3D model based on points

The 3D model is based on a point cloud obtained by conducting ground-based laser scanning. The actual initial data on the actual spatial configuration of the operating object were obtained and an executive BIM model was developed, each object of which contains a set of technical and technological characteristics (attributes) necessary for a design obtained from the available working documentation.

Identifying spatial collisions using 3D-models

Based on the results of the automated search for spatial collisions in the 3D model, stage-by-stage reporting documents were formed, which were subsequently transferred to the design organization to make changes and issue new revisions of the working documentation.  After the design organization eliminated all the identified conflicts, the working documentation was approved by the Customer for transfer to construction.

Development of a 3D model of the technological complex by points

According to the project, the task was to create a geometric 3D-model for the further design and reconstruction of the workshop’s internal systems and equipment modernization. After scanning, without stopping production, a virtual copy of a real object with millimeter detail was created. Actual and accurate initial data on the actual spatial configuration of the operating object were obtained and an executive BIM model was developed, each object of which contains a set of technical and technological characteristics (attributes) necessary for designing, obtained from the available working documentation.

Creating a 3D model of an industrial complex using a point cloud

Modern tasks of design and construction, operation of buildings and structures require the submission of spatial data that accurately and fully describe the relief and the relative position of parts of buildings and structures. The use of traditional methods and tools for surveying allows solving most problems, however, there are limitations associated with difficult visibility conditions and the speed of data collection and processing. Ground-based laser scanning is the most efficient and high-performance tool for obtaining accurate and most complete information about a spatial object: an industrial structure, mounted technological equipment, a civilian object or architectural monument.

For the workshop of the metallurgical complex in the Autodesk Revit environment, “As Built” and “As Designed” models were developed according to laser scanning and design documentation for reconstruction.

The main goals for which the creation of the model was carried out: reconstruction and dismantling of existing structures,  construction of new highly efficient plant facilities using the BIM model.

Construction of gas purification of expanded clay kilns

In order to prevent the loss of expanded clay gravel production due to dust dispersal into the atmosphere, the project provides for the installation of a new electrostatic precipitator for dust collection and subsequent return to production. The installation of this system should favorably affect the ecology of production and the ecological situation of the region as a whole. Our company acted as the general designer for this project.

With the help of Tekla Structures, important stages of work on the project were realized, which made it possible to accelerate the coordination of design and construction decisions, placement of equipment and metal frame of the installation, organization of equipment maintenance sites.The development of the project was carried out in accordance with applicable scientific and technical standards and the safe operation of industrial facilities. With this project, our company was highly appreciated at various competitions for a professional approach and the development of rational and optimal design solutions, which in the future will ensure safe and efficient work on site maintenance.

PMtech LLC won the nomination: Best Industrial Project – Tekla BIM Awards 2020 RU & CIS