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3D BIM design
A 3D-BIM model is an digital asset that will allow it to put modern methods of managing the construction and operation of buildings and structures into practice. 3D design allows you to spatially visualize a future project and adds the ability to apply the time factor – a phased reconstruction of the real project process. As a result, this provides a realistic model with interdependent and interconnected elements.
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Structural Design (BIM design)
BIM-designing of civil (prefabricated and monolithic structures) and industrial facilities using Tekla Structures allows to optimize the design process, create variability of design solutions, optimize the cost of construction. The BIM models of buildings worked out are filled with information about the exact geometry of structures and all the necessary data for the procurement of materials, fabrication of structures and construction work.
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BIM Model Creation
“As Designed” is a BIM model based on project documentation (2D to 3D) creation, “As Built” is a BIM model based on ground-based laser scanning data creation. “An Operational model” means a creation of a commissioned facility and its maintenance schedules on the basis of a 3D model. Having on hand the entire history of changes in the form of a BIM model of the building, it will be possible to have full control over the situation.
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BIM 4D Scheduling
Calendar and Network Schedules are used as a tool for analyzing and evaluating the possibility of project implementation. The schedules contain interrelated information about the work, timing, resources, physical volumes and cost of the project. Using a set of programs, including Oracle Primavera, Synchro and a number of special data processing and storage applications, work planning is provided in the areas of design and survey work.
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